Small in size. Large in experience and know-how.

We made our first step in the entertainment industry back in 1987, becoming soon a turnkey supplier of stage and theatre machinery. Our portfolio lists plenty of prestigious theatres and many smaller institutions representing the variety of our clients.

Over the years, we’ve enlarged our services to the live and event sector, providing creative automations for TV shows and musicals and developing solutions for the fast touring/rental market.

Our complete skill set. At your service.


Our experience is available to architects, engineers, set designers, managers and technicians.

Whether you are studying a new venue, a show or you are looking for a new automation set, we will support you with your decisions sharing our practice and experience.

Technical design

Engineering attitude, creativity and high commitment to the customization of our solutions.

Those are the skills we merge with advanced 3D modelling and engineering softwares to develop new solutions, to let you visualize your ideas, to effectively deal with all the development phases of our projects.

Fabrication and installation

Details matter and make the difference. We are used to produce our machines putting great attention to each and all components.

Each facet of the fabrication phase is carefully checked to meet the specified requirements. We are experienced with tight timelines and with many manufacturing processes. Our skilled team will take care of the installation, ensuring everything is running properly and safely, happy to train and team up with our clients’ crew to ensure an easy hand down of the system.

After-sale & maintenance services

Health and safety of everyone involved with our systems is important to us.

We take this charge with responsibility, providing tailored maintenance services to keep the required efficiency level and helping our clients to comply with the regulations.

Quality and certifications

Satisfaction of our customer, being it a designer, a technician or a partner company, means a successful project or show.

To consistently meet our customers’ requirements and enhancing their satisfaction, our Quality Management System is certified in compliance with ISO 9001 standard and deals with all services we provide, from design to installation. Our welders are extensively qualified and the manufacturing of the steel constructions is certified to meet the requirements of the EN 1090 standard. We work with standards and we contribute to their development by taking part on the UNI/CT 042/SC 01 and the CEN/TC 433 working groups. Finally, our productive capacity is certified by the Italian SOA qualification for the execution of public works.