Project Description

Automatic wagons

To make this useful tool portable and available for rent, we developed our automatic wagon AWS with one main idea in mind: keeping it easy and immediate.

AWS is based on a main powered unit, including everything is vital for the wagon: battery pack and charger, control system, radio receiver, drive units, sensors. Around the main unit, passive modules can be added to change the size and shape of the wagon.

Use is immediate. The radio remote control allows to:

  • Draw straight and curved lines under the direct control of the operator (dual-axis joystick)
  • Rotate around the central axis, making the wagon usable as a turntable
  • Link the AWS to optional magnetic or optical tracks
  • Record a command and play it as many times you need

Typical configurations for the main powered unit are:

  • 2 x 2 m, 1000 kg at 1.2 m/s, 220 mm height (flooring included)
  • 2 x 2 m, 2000 kg at 0.6 m/s, 220 mm height (flooring included)

Any further configuration can be offered, any passive module can be supplied. Core components can also be supplied separately for direct integration in your scenery.

Perfect for an easy and quick scene-change during a musical or a TV show, to move around pieces of scenery during a performance along preset paths, for a product presentation and much more.

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