Project Description

Fire safety curtains

Each country has different regulations and different projects require different solutions to give protection to the audience in case of fire.

Being a pioneer in this matter, we have developed a curtain solution providing excellent performances:

  • Withstanding a pressure of 450 Pa with a maximum deflection of 1/200 the width of the curtain
  • Tested according for 90 min to with a standard fire curve (above 1000°C)
  • Providing a fire resistance of 60 min
  • Featuring a thickness of 280 mm and a nice customizable cladding on the audience side

With this constructive solution we can offer a solid fire protection, configurable:

  • As single vertically sliding door
  • As a fixed gable and a single vertically sliding door
  • As two doors, vertically sliding one in front of the other

The fire safety curtain configuration extends also to:

  • Manual operation
  • Manual emergency closure with automatic speed control and damping system
  • Safety brakes on the counterweights