Project Description

Flying winches

If you are looking for a fast and silent variable speed solution, you are looking for winches.

Our winches come built within sturdy aluminum frames matching standard trusses on the market, making them easy to integrate. They are safe, featuring large safety factors and any type of safety device you might need, from redundant encoders to load cells and cross-groove detection more, all suited for use in safety-related applications up to SIL3 according to EN 61508 or PLe to EN ISO 13849.

And, as any other solution we provide, our winches are customizable.

S30 winch

It is so compact it perfectly matches the dimensions of a regular square truss size 30 and it can be installed within a size 40.

Provided with zero-fleet angle technology, integration and mounting come very easy in any position and orientation.

Fully equipped with all safety devices, including drum side brake opposite to the motor brake.

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E52 winch

High performances and a very safe drive configuration are put together in this high-end winch, suitable to deal with the most demanding event applications.

Compact zero fleet-angle design, drum side braking, high speed, large travel and a very precise dynamic load measurement system are the key features of the E52 winch.

The pivoting head block ensures to easily match with the most practical line direction and allows exceptional swinging of the load will lifting.

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SKY-1 winch

A simple construction still bringing versatility and a design meeting the needs of the touring use.

SKY-1 winch is the ideal solution when the hoist can be installed right above the load, directly clamped to a truss or a trolley; or placed at stage floor, with the lifting lines going straight to the grid and here diverted.

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