Project Description


During a show, they can reveal a piece of scenography or turn a ledwall; provide an interactive and dynamic stage floor, especially when more revolves are used in combinations; rotate a music band while playing or rotate the audience while the show is going on. They unveil a car during a trade fair or keep a piece of art in motion in a museum.

Revolves can find a very large range of applications.

With our modular approach we can provide solutions to cover any application. Starting from a small turntable you can build up your system, gradually adding elements. You can assemble a revolve as a ring, keeping the centre free. Or more revolves can be independently assembled as concentric rings. All the kit can be broken down into components small enough to be easily portable and suitable to enter almost any venue.

We can customize your solution from diameter to load capacity, from speed to installation height, adding power integration and precise positioning systems.