Project Description

Theatre winches

Built to work safely and reliably, winches are a key element of the upperstage machinery.

All of our winches are tailored to meet the specific requirements of the project: from load capacity to speed, from travel to lines number. We can range from small fixed speed solutions to much bigger high-speed designs.

Installations are not equal and during the years we have built plenty of customized solutions. There are anyway a number of designs allowing us to deal with most of them.

CM winches

Accurately designed to achieve compactness, simple implementation and safe maintainability, CM theatre winches are extremely adaptable and represent the easiest and most frequent choice.

Thanks to the zero-fleet technology, this winch can be mounted in any position ensuring trouble-free installations in new facilities and renovations.

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EHS winches

The first choice to consider for new venues, where the installation room can be designed with minimal restrictions.

Its simplicity and the low number of components, make the EHS winch a reliable and cost-effective solution.

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HUP winches

Widely used due to its simplicity, we have re-engineered the pile-up solution to get a strong and flexible basic winch, upon which to build all entry-level applications.

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DOT winches

The ideal solution if the only available area for the winch is just a narrow space above the batten. This line-shaft winch can fit in small spaces and can essentially configured without performance limitations.

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T winches

Simple, with minimal footprint, very practical and adaptable to various uses, from lifting of short theatre battens to hoisting of paintings, works of art, banners, displays, curtains, etc…

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LIN hoists

Featuring a minimal section and ensuring a very clean and nice installation, LIN self-climbing hoists excellently solve the problem of rigging where the use of a common winch would imply work at height issues.

An ideal choice for FOH applications, where a low profile solution is highly desirable.

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